Fresh water resources are going to waste.  Defrosting one pound of meat using the running water method takes around one hour.  A culinary kitchen uses approximately 32,000 gallons of water a month for defrosting frozen foods. There is a clear need to defrost food more efficiently and economically.
Boss Defrost is an NSF-certified appliance that helps us preserve fresh water.
It is essential to become more cognizant of conserving and preserving our fresh water resources.  Boss Defrost is portable, providing a continual flow of chilled water over sealed foods for thawing. 
It effectively recirculates and recycles water  -- using up to 98.5% less water than the current industry standard. 
  • Boss Defrost saves an estimated 1,200 gallons of water a day by replacing the running water method of defrosting food.

  • Boss Defrost is NSF-certified, safe, and easy to use.

  • The electrical component is UL certified

  • It is portable and can be used outside of the main kitchen's sink to create more working space.

  • On overage, Boss Defrost's payback period arrives in the middle of the third month of use.

  • The invention is patent pending


Our team is committed to the idea of sustainable business practices. We invented the Boss Defrost device to reduce potable water use for a reasonable cost. Our goal is to give food service establishments everywhere the power to make a positive impact on the world by helping preserve our most valuable resource.


We realize the opportunity we have to save water. With your help we can create a sustainable environment in your  kitchen. Allow us to show you what a beneficial difference you can make.


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