New Way to Thaw Food

Portable.  Affordable.  Sustainable.

$299.99 +tax+s/h

The average professional kitchen wastes approximately
32,000 gallons of potable water a month thawing frozen foods. 
There is a clear need to defrost food more efficiently and economically.  
BOSS DEFROST is an NSF-certified appliance that mimics the USDA's running water method        for thawing sealed, frozen food -- but uses up to 98.5% less water
than the current industry standard
Easily cleaned and sanitized, BOSS DEFROST is portable and easy-to-use.

In Three Easy Steps...

You can defrost like a Boss!

Place sealed frozen food and the BOSS DEFROST into sink

Fill sink or clean basin with cold water. Be sure the food is fully submerged 

Plug in BOSS DEFROST and run until food is fully thawed.

BOSS DEFROST ensures frozen food is thawed safely every time. It works by circulating cold water in a basin at a rate of 1,000L/H until the food is fully thawed. BOSS DEFROST is versatile, allowing you to thaw food in almost any setting. This new kitchen technology saves water, time, and money.