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Our team is committed to the idea of sustainable business practices. We invented the Boss Defrost device to reduce potable water use for a reasonable cost. Our goal is to give food service establishments everywhere the power to make a positive impact on the world by helping preserve our most valuable resource.


We realize the opportunity we have to save water. With your help we can create a sustainable environment in your  kitchen. Allow us to show you what a beneficial difference you can make.

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The vision of Boss Defrost came to me while working as a hotel engineer. I witnessed first hand the massive amounts of fresh water that was wasted to defrost food. I made it my goal to stop this wasteful practice. Fresh water can be allocated for so many life giving purposes.


I have always been passionate about helping others and the invention of Boss Defrost will allow me to do that. I hope to provide drinkable water to those who need it. I believe water is a human right and that everybody should have equal access to it. 


Fully utilized, Boss Defrost will save over a billion gallons of water per day across the United States by using an innovative design that recycles water instead of wasting it. 


We only have a limited amount of fresh water on this earth, and that is why the misuse of water cannot continue. Boss Defrost was invented to be more than a food defroster.  Boss Defrost is an appliance that is making a positive impact on the world.



My name is Austin Fedewa. I graduated from Colorado Mesa University with a Bachelor's in Accounting and an MBA. I was unaware of the water waste problem within the restaurant industry until I was introduced to Boss Defrost. The company brought to my attention the water crisis throughout the world and highlighted the impact that defrosting food within restaurants has on this issue. After I saw the Boss Defrost appliance implemented in person, I became convinced that this is a viable solution to not only help restaurants save money, but to help the world save drinkable water.


I urge people to become aware of the water crisis we are all facing in hopes that our generation can be the catalyst for change.   




@ biz Magazine

A professional chef for over 24 years, Chris earned numerous awards for his work. 

His most recent achievements are:

Chris contributes ideas and essays on a sustainability lifestyle for 303 Magazine, Diningout.comthemoderneater.com, 5280 Magazine, Heritage 

Radio, and Slow Food Nations.





Chris lives a modern sustainable lifestyle through his work, bringing his community into the culture of transparency, eco-conscious eating and urban farming. He is currently pursuing a masters in Beekeeping and his focuses on what he calls "360-degree sustainability" for foodservice operations, focusing on more than food, and growing best environmental practices for the industry. 

https://www.hotelexecutive.com/feature_focus/6250/360-degree-sustainability-for-restaurants August 2019





Born in Albuquerque, NM, and raised in Aurora, Colorado, I grew up with a principled set of eco-practices around water and its use.  After graduating from the University of New Mexico, I moved to Las Vegas to work in PR and Marketing with several ecology-minded companies then switched tracks to work in some of Las Vegas’ premier fine dining establishments.  It was an amazing time exploring food, wine, mountain biking, rock climbing and snowboarding. I’ve had the good fortune to travel the world and swim in many waters.

As co-owner/farmer of Lost Creek Micro Farm in Lakewood, Colorado, we seek to grow what is healthiest for our environment and community. I believe Boss Defrost is the NOW answer to a NOW water challenge.  Boss Defrost is the first brilliant, clean, efficient and affordable solution aimed to disrupt the misuse of potable water in the food industry – all while maintaining standards of safety and lowering utility costs.  If it’s a good practice to turn off the tap while brushing your teeth, then it’s a GREAT practice to use Boss Defrost in kitchens all over the nation.

Each time my family kayaks a waterway, fishes in a clear Colorado lake or turns on the tap to make another batch of sun tea, I’m reminded of the importance of our time here and the work we do. 

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