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Smart Strategies for the Food Industry to Save Water

According to the Environmental Defense Fund, the Colorado River supplies: 40 million people with drinking water, 16 million people with jobs, and 5.5 million acres of farmland with irrigation.

The Takeaway: Rivers do a lot for people. There is a river near you (maybe the Colorado, maybe a different one) that’s doing the same thing – providing drinking water,

jobs, food – for your community. Water is one resource we cannot live without. Everything revolves around water. Fortunately Americans are taking notice. As they have seen our freshwater decline for years its imperative we act responsibly and reverse course. From 2010- 2015 Americans have been rescuing the amount of water they use by 9 percent. Currently we are using 322 Billion gallons of water per day compared to 354 Billion gallons of water per day back in 1970. This is a promising trend in efforts to preserve our most precious resource. Its imperative we continue down this path to prevent water scarcity. However we are not in the clear. Yes we are decreasing the amount of water use but we are not getting adequate rainfall year after year. Many states are in severe drought and nearly 66.2 million Americans live in those drought stricken areas. With the population growing and the demand for food increasing its important to continue to decrease the amount of water we are using. We are moving in the right direction but we can do more!

Question: What can we do for rivers in return for all these jobs and food and clean water?


The food industries is in an excellent position to reverse the curve on our freshwater resources. Studies have shown a single restaurant can use up to 25,000 gallons of water per day! Now imagine if they were able to get that number down by 50% or lower. That would leave a lasting positive impact on our fresh water. The best part about it is there are easy changes they can implement to reduce their water use. For example installing low flow toilets, aerators, and Boss Defrost. Flushing approximately 5,000 times per year could save 27,000 gallons of water. Imagine if every toilet saves 27,000 gallons of water per year. Aerators on the faucets will reduce how much water comes out of the faucet by reducing the water flow. Implementing Boss Defrost will drastically cut back on water usage. This practice can save nearly 272,000 gallons per year in a single operation just to thaw food. If you’re a restaurant owner, grocery store executive, campus dining corporation, then this message is for you.

Use potable water responsibly. Many small steps make a huge impact. We can be the change the world needs to see. There are great opportunities for us to do better as individuals and industries. Individually we can reduce our water impact creating small changes in our everyday life for example turn off the tap when you’re brushing your teeth, take shorter showers, don’t pre-rinse your dishes. These small changes are a win win. You are saving the environment and your wallet.

Result: Less stressed rivers, more water, a brighter future. We can do this…one gallon at a time!

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