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Growing a Startup During a Pandemic

If we said that keeping a startup above water during a pandemic was easy, we would be lying. Boss Defrost is first to market – which means that we are the first to highlight the immense water waste happening when frozen food is defrosted with running water. Our job is two-fold: educate about the problem and demonstrate our solution. In the best of times, this would be a daunting job. On the flip side the pandemic has forced us to take a deeper look into the company. Focusing more on what loose ends we could tie up. Beginning a startup often you are forced to wear many hats to get to company off the ground. That can be incredibly stressful in itself. It is easy to panic but we encourage you to take a deep breath.

When the pandemic hit it was almost like everything went silent. Forcing everybody to go into the scary unknown. Hard to find the right direction. When starting a company, you have lofty plans and suddenly they come to a halt. At first it was discouraging. But once you realize we are all in the same boat and it is a little easier to take in. The silver lining is now you have time to complete those lingering tasks and help build a stronger foundation for your company moving forward. Nobody could have predicted this coming. However, it’s important to not get stuck. Stay focused on your “why” to help drive you through these uncertain times. Why did you start your company? Why is this important to you? For us, our “why” is to help kitchens is make a positive impact on the world, by greatly reducing the amount of freshwater needed to safely thaw food. We realize your “why” is going to be different. Our “why” is what is what keeps us waking up every morning. We encourage you to find your “why” and drill down what is profoundly important for your company. This pandemic will pass with time, and your company will be stronger because of it.

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