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Denver’s 50-year Water Horizon

While facing population growth, periodic drought, and competitive water resources, the City of Denver is looking ahead at the area’s 50-year water horizon, attempting to answer the big question: “Will there be enough?” (See “Now Serving 1.5 Million Daily, Denver Water, TAP, 07/08/2020)

Inside Denver Water’s Efficiency Plan, under Water Use, the total treated water use by category shows that Business and Industry uses about 23% of the area’s water resources. How much of that 23% can be linked to food service operations running water for hours at a time to thaw frozen food?

Denver is taking steps to find out. Previously, commercial, industrial and institutional customers (CII) were all lumped together without distinction. Now, Denver Water is identifying and classifying CII customers into categories for the goal of creating benchmarks and measuring water efficiency.

With these new subcategories, we are beginning to see distinctions between Food & Beverage production, Restaurants, Grocery, and Health Care – all industries that still thaw food (and waste water) using the slack-in-the-sink, or cold running water method.

The main tactic Denver Water is taking is to help CII customers reduce their water use is by communicating efficient use, then encouraging and increasing the employment of efficient products and actions. Officially identifying CII subsectors is in progress; identification of the Food and Beverage Production category is “Complete,” Restaurants show “In progress,” and the Grocery category shows “Not started.”

Our hope is that Boss Defrost will be an agent in this process by highlighting a little known or acknowledged water waste stream, and also by demonstrating the significant potential water savings of using a Boss Defrost in any commercial kitchen thawing frozen food.

Another way local utilities encourage water efficiency is by offering rebates on water efficient tools and products. Would you be more inclined to order a Boss Defrost if there was a rebate available through your local utility? In addition to the water, time, and money savings you will enjoy when using a Boss Defrost in your kitchen, it may be possible to also reduce the amount of capital it takes to order one – or several – to meet the thawing needs of your operation.

Like Denver Water, Boss Defrost is keeping our eye on the horizon with a commitment to transform a currently wasteful industry practice into a sustainable one.

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