What is Boss Defrost?

Boss Defrost is a patented, NSF-certified, water-saving appliance designed for use in commercial and home kitchens to safely thaw food.


What does Boss Defrost do?

Boss Defrost mimics the USDA running water thawing method, but uses up to 98.5% less water.


What is the running water method?

The USDA sanctions four ways to safely thaw frozen food; the running water method is one of the most widely used in the restaurant industry.  In a nutshell, frozen food is placed into a sink, then cold water is continuously run over it until thawed.  To follow food safety regulations, the water must be circulating.  The running water method means the water flows over sealed food then washes down the drain.  Water temperature is not to exceed 70F/21C.


How much water is saved?

The average commercial kitchen wastes 32,000 gallons per month using the running water method, enough water to fill up ­­­half an Olympic swimming pool.  Boss Defrost reduces that to 450 gallons per month, which is less than two hot tubs. 

Why should I use Boss Defrost?

  • Boss Defrost is portable and powerful.  Free your sink.

  • Boss Defrost reduces your water bill by using up to 98.5% less water when thawing frozen food.

  • Draining thousands of gallons of potable (drinkable) water is a water waste stream no one talks about. Let your guests know you’re doing something about it. #iamawaterboss #defrostdifferent

Why is there a thermometer on my Boss Defrost?

It’s important to periodically monitor the water temperature as you are defrosting food. The USDA states that the water temperature should not rise above 70F while the food is defrosting.  The thermometer is provided as safety feature so you can accurately gauge the temperature of the water.


How much does it cost?

Boss Defrost costs $299.99 per appliance.  It is guaranteed for a year.  It pays for itself, on average, within three months.  


Will my cooks really use it?

Yes!  It’s easy to use, decreases thawing time, saves sink space and is conserving one of our most precious resources.  Before you know it, you’ll hear cooks say, “Where’s the Boss Defrost?”


Are the electrical components safe?

Boss Defrost uses a water pump that is UL certified, passing the highest measures for electrical safety. It is required that you plug the device into a GFI/GFCI outlet for safety precautions.


What is the warranty on my device?

Boss Defrost has a one year warranty for any malfunctioning parts. If a component is to fail within the one year warranty, please email us at customerservice@bossdefrost.com, send it back and we will address your issue.  


Why don’t you use hot water to defrost?

Using hot water causes the food to defrost from the outside instead of internally. When the outside of the food is defrosted first, it harbors harmful bacteria that can cause food poisoning. It is vital that the food defrost internally to prevent this from happening. The key is to gradually raise the temperature of the food.


How often should I clean my Boss Defrost?

We recommend sanitizing the appliance after every use.  Please see our video: How To Clean Your Boss Defrost.


How can I learn more?

**Some of this content is under construction.  More soon!**

- For information about the device itself, go to www.bossdefrost.com/appliance

- For video tutorials about how to train your staff, go to bossdefrost.com/video

- To calculate your water usage during food thawing, you can use our calculator at www.bossdefrost.com/takeitfurther

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