Boss Defrost's NSF-certified device is portable and designed to adapt to any kitchen setting. The device is equipped with a thermometer to regulate the temperature of the water to ensure the water does not reach above 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Each device has suction cups located at the bottom to maintain stability through-out the defrosting cycle. The functionality and versatility of Boss Defrost is deliberately constructed to simplify the defrosting process. The durability of the device is intended to withstand everyday use in a fast pace kitchen environment.  Boss Defrost’s eco-friendly devices are fully equipped and ready to operate in your kitchen.


How to assemble

Thread in the lid until it locks in place. The logo lines up with the lettering


Thread in the coupler until it is tight. Swivel  the gooseneck faucet to any direction desired


How to  install

Place the food and Boss Defrost in the sink


Fill the sink up to the Fill Line on Boss Defrost


Turn off the sink and activate the device




Industry Standard Method

Annual water utility expense

Annual Electricity Utility Expense

The BossDefrost has  a power consumption of 12 Watts. An estimation of electricity cost per month and year is shown below.